Rules and Regulations

  • Sign Up: A person will get an opportunity for free registration as a customer.
  • Account Consideration: A customer will be considered as an affiliate if he/she registers for affiliate.
  • Punishment & Rights: If sellers sale any damaged product and try to hand over to the buyers or customers intentionally or find any indiscipline in product selling then seller registration will be cancelled or eliminated and immediately they will be punished and punishment will be effective temporarily or permanently according to their fraudulent activities. All kinds of counterfeiting and deceitful activities are totally prohibited according to this web authorized (own) constitutional laws. So nobody will get any chance to cheat with anybody. Since office authority of this website will monitor everything very strictly before hand over to the customer so it has no chance to hide any fault.
    Buyers/customers/consumers rights will get maximum priority first and sellers will not be deprived from their rights also.
  • Parcel Services & Fees: Paperfly/Pathao/SteadFast/Other courier services fees will be applicable outside of Sylhet City Corporation/other districts/overseas countries and fees will be charged according to the specific parcel/courier service company’s fixed rate.
  • Estimated time of delivery service: Maximum 3-4 days inside of Sylhet City Corporation, 7-9 days outside of Sylhet City or Sylhet district and 15-20 or even 25-30 or more days for overseas countries.
  • Sellers bill payment: Sellers bill will be paid weekly. They will receive their all weekly bill (an amount of taka) on every Monday (Incase Tuesday if it’s govt. holiday). Fund (Money) will be transferred directly to their bank account.
  • Affiliate ID/Referral URL link commission & Conditions: To get a valued Affiliate ID anybody can apply free and they have to mention their personal bKash account in the mentioned mobile number place of specific form because they will receive 6% commission and company will send this money to their personal bkash account within 24 hours.
  • How and where to input/place a Mobile Number of bkash: After applying as an affiliate by submitting his/her email only then he/she needs to mention a mobile number and that is required but only when a person will get an approval as an affiliate from admin then first of all needs to use his/her user ID & password for login, then go to My Account, then click the option of address and then click edit option of billing address and find the Phone option for placing a mobile number. Finally click save button then everything will be saved automatically and journey will be started as feel free to share Referral URL link (Token/ID) to earn commission.
    * Each and every Valued Affiliate ID/Referral URL link commission is 6%.
    * Conditions: But Referral URL link is not applicable for external products of website.

Using rules of Wallet:

(1) A customer will earn taka 10 when they will create an account by sign up or register.
(2) By daily visit registered customers will earn taka 1 and this amount of taka will be added to their wallet account & they will be informed by an email.
(3) For buying a product from this website a customer have to click the option of ‘Pay by wallet’ (if want to buy something through the use of wallet) before pressing ‘Proceed to Checkout’ in the Cart then customer’s wallet balance will be used directly and wallet balance will be deducted from Wallet account.
(4) Customers will receive an 2% instant Cashback when they will buy a product of taka 1000 or more. Cashback amount will be added to their Wallet account instantly when they will order a minimum amount of taka 1000.

∆ Rules of Points:

  • Sign up Reward = 200 Points
  • Per Product Reward = 10 Points
  • Per Currency Reward = 1 Point
  • Membership Reward = 5% (Applicable for 1 month validity as Basic level)
  • Required to be a member = 10000 points
  • To get cart discount, 1 taka = 100 points
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